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NEO THE ONE or simply NEO is a lab-grown, exceedingly hard crystalline compound made up of silicon and carbon. NEO will test like a diamond with a diamond tester and can be handed down from generation to generation. In addition, NEO has exceptional durability and a tiny carbon footprint. The NEO is Ethically Sourced, Super Environmentally Conscientious, and one of Earth’s rarest crystalline mineral substances.


The main reasons behind creating new things are meeting human needs or solving a problem. The problem, in our case, was pretty obvious – Diamonds! Or better put – Diamond Industry. Nobody will tell you the absolute travesty that happens behind the closed doors of this indeed “bloody” business.
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For centuries diamonds have been controlled by an elite monopoly. The Gem industry has taught us that diamonds are scarce. But unfortunately, the Gem industry won’t tell us how hundreds of thousands of diamonds are Stock Piled under lock and key to suggest the appearance of scarcity.
Mined diamonds have a stigma based on their recorded history of using forced child labor and rampant physical violence to source and mine these colorless carbon crystals. It is truly a horrible and wicked process. Sadly, the gem industry has amassed a war chest off the backs and the lives of those victimized by forced labor.


You’ve probably heard about the new raging trend called “Lab-Grown Diamonds.” They have made such a significant impact in the market because people nowadays are more conscious of the environment, human rights, low carbon footprint, climate, and the planet. 
However, The problem with lab-grown diamonds is that they are made from the same material as a natural diamond, and the same elite monopoly controls them. Through clever messaging to consumers worldwide, they made us believe that the lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced with a low carbon footprint. In essence, they have given lab-grown diamonds, which are grown from the same material as a natural diamond, a makeover all in the name of the planet and environment in exchange for your hard-earned money.

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With over 25 years of experience in the gemstone industry, NEO’s creator Guy Stimpson has decided that things needed to be changed, and someone had to help stop the bleeding. With his lab-created gemstone background, he knew what needed to be done.
The goal was to bring to market a truly rare gemstone, a crystalline substance that did Really have a low carbon footprint, something that is Truly environmentally friendly, something that is Genuinely ethically sourced with absolutely zero violence, bloodshed, or forced child labor, something that is durable, something tough with outstanding hardness. In addition, it had to be a Truly colorless gemstone with consistent flawless clarity grade diamonds only wished for. It had to have an unmatched brilliance and a price point that shined bright, just like a naturally mined diamond.


Furthermore, it needed to be a gem that lasts forever and can be handed down generationally. Finally, it needed to stand up to the best colorless gemstone in the Cut, Color, and Clarity categories and, most importantly, look as exact to a natural diamond as possible at a price point that everyone can afford and enjoy without taking on massive debt.
The journey was intense for Guy, and it came with a lot of personal suffering. From the process of raw poly type crystal selection and growth to the dimensional cutting of preforms. The correct gemstone faceting, which ended up being cut by hand, overcoming the final polishing processes and creating a triple layer deep quality control system from nothing, mastering international patents and trademarks. Standing up to the mainstream and fighting like hell to defend his position and right to be in the fine jewelry and precious gemstone arena. After years of trials, he finally was able to physically hold it, “NEO THE ONE,” in his hand…


The globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of a diamond are the 4C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight). NEO THE ONE has the best Grading parameters on all Diamond standards, but this is not all.
NEO THE ONE is 100% hands down… the best performing colorless gemstone in the world for light dispersion. Light dispersion is the way that a gemstone sparkles. NEO is the leader by more than 200% when it comes to the sparkle and bling factor… It will get you noticed, Guaranteed!
Even with all of these outstanding achievements, The greatest and what we believe is the most exciting attribute of NEO is the price point. Over the last five years, our team continually updated and perfected our processes to the point where we have absolutely smashed it out of the ballpark in the price category!
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NEO THE ONE is for Sisters, Brothers, Sons and Daughters, Uncles, Aunts, Nieces, Nephews, Dads, and Moms of all walks of life and in all professions.
Our clients range from billionaires who want to replicate their crazy expensive natural diamond jewelry to wear while traveling (because they are afraid of losing the diamonds), all the way to the 18-year-old high school sweethearts, who refuse to go into debt as they begin their journey in life and marriage. 
If you truly care about the environment, Go for “NEO THE ONE” – “Save your Money, Heal the World.”
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