Which is Better?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of The NEO over diamonds is the price, for NEO is considerably more affordable than a diamond. “The value of NEO is even greater with larger carat weights.” 

If you want a large carat, white gemstone, but you don’t have the money for a large diamond, NEO is the way to go. For many, a colorless diamond with the highest clarity grade is completely unattainable. The prices are highly inflated. Why would anyone compromise overall quality with a lesser clarity and color diamond. Truth is; Lower quality, smaller diamond tends to cost more than an E Color VVS highest quality and larger carat weight NEO gemstone.


Diamonds are known for their durability because they form in the ground over millions of years. They are the hardest known mineral on earth and can withstand almost any kind of wear and tear, which makes them ideal for everyday wear, especially for an engagement ring. Diamonds do possess a higher degree of hardness, so it will be significantly more resistant to abrasions than Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.

However, NEO doesn’t fall far behind. NEO is grown by replicating the process of a meteor coming through the earths atmosphere in a vacuum sealed chamber. A metal ball within a ball within a ball where intense heat and pressure are applied. NEO is the second hardest mineral to diamonds on the Earth. Some say the NEO can even store data.

NEO is a very durable option for all jewelry classes. Engagement, Anniversary, Birthdays or Just Because jewelry. NEO gems are not easily scratched, they can be handed down 10X+ generations and come with MFG’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. A++


One of the most obvious differences between the NEO and diamonds is the brilliance. “It has more brilliance than any other colorless gemstone in the world, meaning it has more sparkle and will get you noticed Guaranteed.

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